Why Norb - Results! Results! Results!

Norb Slowikowski is a Productivity Consultant and professional trainer who works on all aspects of Management Development. When you hire on Norb you can count on one thing: Results! He has the proven track record and experience to prove that Productivity Improvement can be a reality in any company.

Before starting in the Consulting business, Norb spent ten years in Corporate America with McDonald's. When he found the itch of entrepreneurship too great, he took a risk in order to find fulfillment on his own terms. Thirty years later, Slowikowski & Associates is still going strong. Norb is a man who puts his money where his mouth is and his example of self-made success has inspired the corporate and construction worlds.

With a B.S. in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Industrial Relations (both from Loyola University Chicago), Norb knows what makes Management tick. Since 1982, he has assisted Contractors in improving productivity and maximizing profitability:
  • Over 8,000 Foremen, Superintendents and Project Managers trained in management and leadership skills.
  • More than 150 construction companies served in the USA & Canada.
Norb helps Contractors and Business Leaders implement improvement tools like the Productivity Improvement Process, recently put together in manual form.

If you really want to achieve the leading edge in the marketplace, Norb is the consultant who can make it happen!

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